“It’s not enough to be busy (the ants are busy), we must ask what we are busy about.” ~ Henry David Thoreau I remember the words of my chiropractor several years ago “We are here to create.” Her words stuck with me. So obvious and yet not. Of course, we make babies, houses, businesses, knitted scarves for winter, and food. Oh how we make food! Why then did her words seem … Oh, I don’t know, indulgent, selfish, dangerous? I was a designer in a corporation at the time. I understood how important creative concepts and storytelling are to communicate meaning and value in products. But what was it about her words that caused this selfish, illicit love affair feeling? One day it hit me. Actually it was 4 a.m. I was painting in my backyard before getting ready for work. I was a little nervous about people waking up in the house and seeing me having a blast with paint in the backyard. I actually WAS having an illicit affair — not with a person but with my art. Somewhere in the reptilian part of my brain, I was certain that creating my own stuff for the sheer joy of it was very very bad — someone was going

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