I was thinking today about what holds me back  from getting some of the things done I want to get done. I have found my passion, but there are other parts of my life that I want to improve. One of the biggies for me is simplifying — simplifying my schedule, simplifying my stuff, downsizing my home, cutting back on emails, saying “no” to certain requests made of my time, delegating some tasks and projects I don’t like, and sticking to a balance between working and non-working hours. As I was driving in my car today, I was thinking about how some of these things really bug me. I’m frustrated because I haven’t addressed them. So I asked myself why. “Why, Barrie, why haven’t you simplified these things in your life even though you really want your life to be simpler?” I came up with answers for each of these areas I want to change, but I cringed when I realized exactly what has been holding me back from these simplifying projects. I’ve been deluding myself with some of the same misconceptions I help my life passion coaching clients work to overcome. So often when we fail to achieve something, when we fail to take action, it