When I started my business 20 years ago, working from home had big appeal. I looked forward to having space I could call my own, that I could personalize fully. I’ve had offices for my business over the years, which has its advantages too. But I keep returning to a home office setting whenever I want to simplify my life and business. One big reason working at home is popular is the increase in productivity that people experience. The fear that you’ll be hunkered down in front of the TV eating snacks isn’t true for most people. If you have the self-discipline to pull it off, working at home lets you get more done with fewer interruptions. Whether you’re teleworking or self-employed, working from home certainly has its perks. And its challenges. To overcome those challenges and have a really productive and satisfying work life, it’s smart to plan ahead and set yourself up for success. Here are 11 working from home tips for making one of the best decisions of your life: 1. Enjoy the freedom in your schedule. One of the biggest perks to working at home is that your schedule has flexibility. You can begin and end your day with a minimum of planning and inconvenience. You