A few years ago, this time of year was crazy busy for me. It is now too, but for different reasons. Back then, I had three kids living at home, and I was neck-deep in all of the holiday hoopla that goes with having school-aged children. Lots of driving. Lots of school events, ballet performances, holiday parties, shopping, wrapping, cooking, etc. Now my kids are in college, and I’ve directed more of my time and energy into my work. At the moment, I’m under a deadline to complete a self-publishing course in early January. I’m working particularly long hours under some stress to get everything done in time. I’m not complaining — I love my work, but I can tell I’m feeling overwhelmed and depleted. I know myself well enough to recognize when it’s time to step back and recharge. You may be feeling the same way. Maybe it’s not work or kids or the demands of the holidays, but whatever it is, you also need to refill your emotional and mental tank. If you’re an introvert like me, you may find all of the extra stimulation from the holiday season overwhelming. More crowds. More traffic. More demands on your time. More ads and offers

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