Sometimes you feel trapped at work.  It’s even worse when you’re only working for the paycheck. There’s an old saying, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  But what happens when you don’t love what you do? Sure, you have bad days at work and dread the feeling of disconnectedness created by your job’s menial tasks. When you get into that career slump, it can be hard to get out. As soon as you hit a breaking point, you think about polishing up your resume and searching for a new opportunity. However, have you considered whether you’ve done everything possible to still enjoy your current job? After all, starting a new job somewhere else is a little daunting.  Let’s examine how you can improve your mindset and get back on track in your current position. Think about the first day you started.  You were probably fired up with excitement. You need to rekindle that flame to ignite your passion for work again. You need to explore every opportunity to stabilize your frustrations in your current position before looking for a new one.  Until you learn how to change your mindset now, you’ll end up repeating the