All couples have differences. What is important is how you deal with those differences. Use the quick quiz below to get an idea whether your relationship is at a point where you could benefit from outside help to get your relationship back on track.

Do you often feel angry and/ or hurt by your partner’s actions?


Do you fight about the same issues over and over again with no resolution?


Do you fights seem to be about silly issues?


Do you find yourself thinking “If I changed this or that our relationship will improve,” but it does’t?


Are you careful with your words because you fear you will be criticized, judged, or not understood?


Do you wish your relationship had more passion, more fun, more emotional intimacy or more peacefulness?


Do you think that if your partner would just change, then you would be happier?


Does the word “divorce” often get tossed around by you or your partner during arguments?


Does it feel more like you are living with a roommate or are you spending more time in separate areas of the house?


Are you sometimes embarrassed by your own behavior when you are with your partner, and/or talk behind their back?


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