I’m probably like most people who carry their smartphone around with them everywhere, checking something on it many times a day. We need to be needed, and all those notifications make us feel needed.  Emails, social media updates, texts, reminders – they never stop. But what if they did stop?  What if there wasn’t anything to check?  How would you feel? My mindfulness practice has helped me to shine a light on the effects of technology on my life. Since I have an office job, I spend a good part of my day at my desk in front of my computer with my phone nearby. After checking something on my phone one day, I noticed how my brow furrowed and my face automatically tensed up while I was doing anything on my phone.  As soon as I put it down, my brow relaxed and I opened up to what was in front of me. I also noticed how I mentally blocked out almost everything around me when I was checking my phone.  It was as if nothing (and no one) else existed.  I was prioritizing whatever I was looking at on my phone. After having a few of these revelations, I started to wonder what else I