Goals.  We’re supposed to have them.  Theoretically, we can’t accomplish anything without them.  I beg to differ. I used to be a goal-seeking nut.  Every day I would read my goals, visualize them, break them down into steps, set specific dates and follow all the usual goal “rules.” And the process drove me crazy.  I met very few of those goals and got more depressed because of it.  There had to be another way. I realized that goals are a little like diets (which don’t work).  You set a target (goal), put a date on it and make some temporary changes in your life to get you to your goal.  Once you meet the goal, you go back to your old ways which bring you back to where you were before you met the goal. Or you meet the goal and see that it wasn’t as big a deal as you thought and you look for the next “thing” to feed your always-hungry psyche. It’s a vicious cycle either way. Instead of always striving for more, more, more! how about striving for just a little better each day? One of the agreements in Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements is to always do your best.  That doesn’t

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