Do any of these statements sound familiar? I’m not smart enough to do what they do. I’m too old to start over.  I’m too young to be able to do that.   People don’t love me because I’m fat.  I never get promotions because I’m too stupid.  Everyone else gets great opportunities but me. These are the words of the monkey mind that swirl in your head, keeping you from making your life a little better or – gasp! – following your dreams. Your monkey mind subconscious has gathered the evidence and gotten you to believe that these are undeniable truths.  You’ve seen the story played out over and over in your life so how could things be any other way? Beliefs Are a Lens The first step down the road of the “other way” is to realize that these are beliefs, in this case, limiting beliefs.  These are in no way “truths.” “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford It’s funny how truths have a way of changing over time as the evidence against them mounts.  Remember when people were burned at the stake for believing that the world was round?  The truth was that the world was flat. Or, not


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