I spent much of my life in a haze of depression.  Growing up never being accepted for who I was and never feeling like I was enough, despite high grades, awards and other accolades, led to a life of depression. I was always striving to be the best at anything I did, hoping to prove myself to my parents and anyone who would notice. I was always looking for the next opportunity, never resting on my laurels or feeling any better. Because I felt that I was never good enough, nothing was enough.  This led to dysfunctional relationships where I couldn’t commit.  I couldn’t commit to my partner because I couldn’t commit to myself.  I hadn’t learned how to accept myself. I didn’t know how to feel my emotions.  I couldn’t be comfortable in my own skin. This went on for most of my adult life until I started to see the patterns.  I started to read books like Conscious Living by Gay Hendricks that helped me to see myself and my world differently. The process has been like peeling an onion without a center.  It’s a slow, evolutionary journey that has brought me much closer to myself. When I started, I was impatient and just