Do you live a stressful life?  There aren’t many people who would answer “no.”  Being stressed and crazy busy are like badges of honor.  Societal programming silently tells you that if you’re not stressed out and busy, there’s something wrong with you.  You’re not doing enough.  Read my post on being and doing “enough” HERE. While you’re supposed to be stressed, you’re also bombarded with messages that tell you how unhealthy stress is.  Some studies boldly say that about 97% of all medical issues (especially heart disease, diabetes and stroke) are related to stress. To combat the onslaught of stress, we seek out ways to relax.  There are entire industries that exist to help you deal with your stress. All these messages convince you that stress is bad.  It’s a killer. But what if there were more to this whole stress thing?  Maybe a more positive way of seeing stress. In the video below, Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist, talks about how she may inadvertently be harming her patients by feeding them more of the “stress is bad” message. People tend to believe whatever authority figures (like doctors) tell them.  Those beliefs have an incredibly powerful effect on our bodies.  This has been proven by numerous