It’s been one of “those days.”  Just about anything that could go wrong has.  You’re feeling defeated, anxious, depressed or any other feeling you’d rather not feel. To deal with it, you go to your favorite comfort activity: zoning in front of the TV, binge eating, smoking, drinking, shopping or anything else that will help you to forget about things.  And then you start to feel bad about what you’re doing to cope with that bad day. Is there another way?  Of course there is.  Like everything else in life, you have choices.  You just have to remember that you have options. If you want things in your life to change, you have to start making – and acting on – different choices. Reframing Reframing means looking at things differently, making up a different story about what’s happening. For example, when I’ve been stuck in airports with delays of up to six hours (or more), I could have been angry (actually, I was when the airline fiasco started), played the victim (“I can’t believe this is happening to me!”), dwelled on all the time being wasted or many forms of other negative thinking and feeling – none of which would have changed the situation or made