Remember back in the day when you thought that if you had a “good job” with a “good company” that your job was safe and secure? I think we all know that those days are long gone.  From my own experience, I can confirm that “secure” jobs are a thing of the past.  I’ve been in top positions, told that I’m doing well only to have the rug pulled out from under me with little to no notice. Technology continues to advance at lightning speed, getting faster and better at what it does every day.  There are even computer programs that can write articles that seem to be written by a human. (I can assure you that a human wrote this one.) Because of this, the skills that have traditionally been rewarded in the job world (math, engineering and sciences) are becoming less valuable because computers can do them faster, cheaper and easier.  What’s a person to do? Focus on developing our most essential human abilities and teach our kids to value not just technology but also the richness of interpersonal experience. There are many studies that show that increased levels of online connections (especially through platforms like Facebook or texting) actually make people unhappy.