I just read an article by author and blogger Mark Manson called “Screw Finding Your Passion.” He suggests that the whole notion of “finding your passion” is a big fat waste of time. He says you just need to get busy with the business of life, change your attitude, and accept that some parts of your life are just going to suck no matter what. So get over it. He also bursts your passion bubble by advising, “If you have to look for what you’re passionate about, then you’re probably not passionate about it at all.” I respectfully disagree. It’s true that life isn’t perfect, that you have to work on having a positive attitude, and that sometimes you have to live through difficult or unhappy periods before you find what you’re looking for. But do I think that having a passion is impossible? Do I think it’s useless to search for it? Do I think you should just belly up and accept a job or a life you find drab and ho hum? Hell no. I’ll say it again. Hell no! I know from my own personal experience and from working with many coaching clients that you CAN find your passion, put it in action, and profoundly upgrade your quality

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