Given how we’re programmed to view work, mindfulness and work seem like opposites.  Mindfulness conjures up feelings of peace and serenity while the thought of work brings on a wave of stress. Deadlines, meetings, quotas, difficult bosses or co-workers and the weight of all the work that needs to get done.  Work doesn’t create much of an opportunity for calm. While it’s impossible to eliminate stress, it is possible to manage how situations affect you.  You may not be able to control what’s going on around you, but you always have the ability to control the story you tell yourself about it.  And that dictates how you feel about it. From personal experience (I continue my 25+ year career as a corporate executive), I can tell you that it’s possible to weave mindfulness throughout your day so that those stressful times don’t take quite the toll on you that they did. The Mindful Approach to Stress We all handle stress differently.  Some people appear to be completely calm when their insides are doing flips.  Others are calm inside and out.  Some become clearly rattled on a daily basis while others can handle things up to a point and then “lose it.” The stress that you feel


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