Our Prepare/Enrich Certified Facilitators will guide you through the premarital counseling sessions. You can choose the standard version or the faith-based version and the therapist will customize your sessions based on your requests and unique needs.  prepareenrichlogo


• Explore strength and growth areas

• Strengthen communication skills

• Identify and manage major stressors

• Resolve conflicts using the Ten Step Model

• Develop a more balanced relationship using the Couple and Family Maps

• Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork.

• Explore and understand each others expectations of relationship roles, marriage, children, parenting and spiritual beliefs.


• Step 1 – Both partners will complete the Prepare/Enrich assessment. A code will be emailed to each of you. The one-time assessment cost is $35 and is paid online to Prepare/Enrich. The assessment usually takes around 45 minutes to complete. Each partner completes the assessment individually.

• Step 2 – Set up appointments to meet as a couple to work through the 4-8 60-minute sessions using the Couples Workbook.

• Step 3 – At the end of the 4-8 sessions, you will be provided with your Couples Report and a certificate verifying the completion of the program.

Value for Couples:

• Helps increase awareness of both strength and potential growth areas

• Stimulates discussion concerning issues vital to your relationship

• Primes couples for learning valuable communication and conflict resolution skills

• Functions as a preventative tool to help couples become aware of important issues before they turn into major problems.