Leeann Carey – Yapana Yoga mentor   For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I’m a strong proponent of a regular yoga practice.  You don’t have to be tall, skinny and Gumby-like to start practicing yoga or to get anywhere with it.  Yoga can be adapted to anyone at any age, in any physical condition, from kids to the elderly, from anorexics to grossly obese folks and everyone in between. I started practicing yoga almost fifteen years ago on a whim.  I didn’t know the first thing about it so I bought a couple basic books on yoga from the bookstore and started where I was. The feelings I experienced in my body and my psyche from simply raising my arms above my head while taking a deep breath in and releasing that breath as I let my arms come down sold me.  I thought, “If a simple move like that can help me feel this good, I’m never stopping.”  And I haven’t. My Ongoing Journey In addition to that initial “feel good” experience, over the ensuing months, the “bad back” that I had since I was fifteen years old was gone.  I felt calmer when I practiced regularly. The more I practiced,