Growing up, about 98% of my parents’ friends and my friends’ parents were divorced.  My parents were unhappily married and stayed together for twenty five years “for the kids.” I didn’t grow up with any great relationship role models.  Because of this, I repeated problematic patterns that always led to the same end result: my boredom with and ending of the relationship. After repeating this pattern for a few decades, I finally tired of it and chose a partner that I didn’t think I could ever be bored with.  While this ended up being true, we were control freaks trying to control the life out of each other.  Still not productive. All along, I was missing one of the most critical components to a successful relationship: empathetic, meaningful communication. As an intense introvert, communication has never been my strong suit. On a two week road trip with my first husband, we could go for hours without saying anything to each other (he was an introvert too).  We thought that a “good relationship” was one where we didn’t fight.  If I made him angry (usually without knowing it), the only sign I had that there was a problem was that he gave me the cold shoulder