The myth of how to be successful in the 20th century has ended (it is the 21st century, after all). You know the myth well because it’s made you feel like a bit of a failure. Go to school and get good grades so you can get into a good college.  Work hard and get more good grades so you can get a “good job” (whatever that is).  Work that job for most of your life, deferring most enjoyment to two weeks of vacation a year.  Scrimp and save so you have enough money for retirement where you can finally enjoy yourself before you die. This plan hasn’t worked for the past fifteen years.  It costs more money than it should to get into a good college so you graduate loaded with debt that you can’t walk away from.  That degree doesn’t guarantee you anything, as most grads discover when all they can find are minimum wage jobs, if that.  Most “good jobs” suck the life out of you, requiring you to sit at a desk doing as you’re told. You’ve been programmed for instant gratification so saving enough money for retirement is a near impossibility.  You’re told that buying lots of impressive


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