This was a year of big change for me. Maybe it was for you as well. My youngest child graduated from high school and started college, officially making me an empty nester. I moved from my hometown of Atlanta, leaving the house I’d lived in for almost 20 years, to move to Asheville, North Carolina with my business and life partner Ron. I sold a lot of my furniture and possessions in order to downsize and simplify my life. We started the process of building a new house from the ground up while living in a small rental house. I started another business with Ron and our partner Steve Scott teaching people how to self-publish and build a business around self-publishing. I lost a dear online friend, Scott Dinsmore, who died tragically while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I reconnected on a much deeper level with my sister, Jesse, who lives in California, traveling to see her there and hosting her here for Thanksgiving. For me, 2015 was a pivotal year of personal and professional growth. I learned to let go. I challenged myself to do some uncomfortable but important things. I mourned leaving the familiar and losing people I loved. And I embraced how deeply I value the people in