We’ve all been blessed with heart-breaking situations where people have wronged us or things haven’t gone the way we would like.  Moving past them is difficult. If you’ve ended a relationship, job or time in your life, it’s tough to let go and move on.  Your subconscious, or monkey mind, wants to hold onto it like a dog that won’t let go of a bone.  It wants to chew on it, gnaw and dig into the painful center of it. Your logical mind gets sucked up into the drama of the monkey.  You start to think of “what if’s” and “if only’s” that your monkey mind runs with to create even more drama and negative feelings. It would be so much easier to just let go and move on with your life, but the monkey won’t let you. You try to let go.  You move onto the next relationship or job.  Just when things seem to be going well again, the old thoughts start to arise again, sabotaging things. Why is it so hard to let go?  Why is it so difficult to forgive and forget? The Need to Be Right Because you’ve been wronged and your monkey needs to prove itself right.  Safety is the monkey

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