BY KERRY MCCARTER Several years ago, my husband and I heard about the exciting work that Drs. John and Julie Gottman were conducting on marriage relationships. We were amazed by the fact that it was based on over forty years of research with thousands of couples. Coming from the nursing world where empirical research is paramount, I was intrigued by their data-driven approach to understanding couples dynamics. Naturally, I started reading and talking about their books.For my much beloved and somewhat thrifty, high-tech husband Mike, the journey began differently. After hearing me talk non-stop for weeks about the Gottmans, he found out that his company’s EAP benefit plan would pay for The Art & Science of Love weekend workshop. He was so excited about this news when he came home from work. Perhaps he was hoping I would get my fill of the Gottmans or that I would stop talking about their work. On the other hand, maybe my regular book reports were beginning to germinate in the back of his subconscious?Whatever the reason, we went to The Art and Science of Love together in downtown Seattle. We were expecting to take some notes and learn about relationship theory – we